chamber music catalog

ComposerWorkKeyCatInst.Dur   Remarks
AlkanSonata for Piano & CelloEOp.47Pf Vc34
ArnoldSonata No.1 for Violin & PianoOp.15Vn Pf16
ArnoldSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoOp.43Vn Pf8
ArnoldSonata for Viola & PianoOp.17Va Pf12
ArnoldSonatina for Flute & PianoOp.19Fl Pf8
ArnoldSonatina for Oboe & PianoOp.28Ob Pf8
ArnoldSonatina for Clarinet & PianoOp.29Cl Pf8
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataCWq73, H504Fl Clav15
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataDWq83, H505Fl Clav14
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataEWq84, H506Fl Clav15
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataGWq85, H508Fl Clav11
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataGWq86, H509Fl Clav10
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataCWq87, H515Fl Clav11
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataCWq73, H504Fl Clav15
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataGWq150, H574Fl Clav15
Bach C.P.E.Flute SonataBbWq161, H578Fl Clav18
Bach J.S. transc. BusoniChromatic Fantasia & FuguedBWV903Pf Vc14
Bach J.S.Sonata No.1 for Viola da Gamba & KeyboardGBWV1027Vc Pf17usually Vc & Hpd or Pf now
Bach J.S.Sonata No.2 for Viola da Gamba & KeyboardDBWV1028Vc Pf20usually Vc & Hpd or Pf now
Bach J.S.Sonata No.3 for Viola da Gamba & KeyboardGBWV1029Vc Pf19usually Vc & Hpd or Pf now
Bach J.S.Flute SonatabBWV1030Fl Clav17
Bach J.S.Flute SonataEbBWV1031Fl Clav11
Bach J.S.Flute SonataABWV1032Fl Clav14
Bach J.S.Flute SonataCBWV1033Fl Cont10
Bach J.S.Flute SonataeBWV1034Fl Cont14
Bach J.S.Flute SonataEBWV1035Fl Cont13
BarberSonata for Cello & PianocOp.6Vc Pf19
BargielAdagio for Cello & PianoGOp.38Vc Pf7
BartokSonata No.1 for Violin & PianoSz75Vn Pf36
BartokSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoSz76Vn Pf21
BartokRhapsody No.1Pf Vn11
BaxViolin Sonata No.1Vn Pf32
BaxViolin Sonata No.2Vn Pf20
BeachSonata for Violin & PianoaOp.34Vn Pf33
BeethovenSonata No.1 for Piano & ViolinDOp.12 No.1Pf Vn19
BeethovenSonata No.2 for Piano & ViolinAOp.12 No.2Pf Vn16
BeethovenSonata No.3 for Piano & ViolinEbOp.12 No.3Pf Vn18
BeethovenSonata No.4 for Piano & ViolinaOp.23Pf Vn19
BeethovenSonata No.5 for Piano & ViolinFOp.24Pf Vn24"Spring"
BeethovenSonata No.6 for Piano & ViolinAOp.30 No.1Pf Vn22
BeethovenSonata No.7 for Piano & ViolincOp.30 No.2Pf Vn24
BeethovenSonata No.8 for Piano & ViolinGOp.30 No.3Pf Vn17
BeethovenSonata No.9 for Piano & ViolinAOp.47Pf Vn35"Kreutzer"
BeethovenSonata No.10 for Piano & ViolinGOp.96Pf Vn27
BeethovenSonata No.1 for Piano & CelloFOp.5 No.1Pf Vc22
BeethovenSonata No.2 for Piano & CellogOp.5 No.2Pf Vc23
BeethovenSonata No.3 for Piano & CelloAOp.69Pf Vc24
BeethovenSonata No.4 for Piano & CelloCOp.102 No.1Pf Vc16
BeethovenSonata No.5 for Piano & CelloDOp.102 No.2Pf Vc22
BeethovenSonata for Horn & PianoOp.17Pf Hn14
BeethovenSerenade for Viola & PianoDOp.42Pf Va28arrangement of Serenade for Vn Va Vc Op.8
Beethoven12 Variations from Die ZauberfloteOp.66Pf Vc11
Beethoven12 Variations from Marriage of FigaroFWoO.40Pf Vn13
BeethovenRondoGWoO.41Pf Vn6
BeethovenSix German DancesWoO.42Pf Vn5
Beethoven7 Variations from Die ZauberfloteWoO.46Pf Vc11
Beethoven12 Variations from Judas MaccabaeusWoO.45Pf Vc12
BergFour PiecesOp.5Cl Pf8
BerwaldDuo for Violin & PianodVn Pf19
BerwaldDuo for Cello & PianoBbVc Pf17
BlissSonata for Viola & PianoVa Pf24
BoccheriniSonata for Cello & PianoeG.2Vc Pf17
BoccheriniSonata for Cello & PianoAG.4Vc Pf15
BoccheriniSonata for Cello & PianoGG.5Vc Pf12
BoccheriniSonata for Cello & PianoCG.17Vc Pf15
BorodinCello SonatabVc Pf23
BrahmsSonata No.1 for Violin & PianoGOp.78Pf Vn28
BrahmsSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoAOp.100Pf Vn22
BrahmsSonata No.3 for Violin & PianodOp.108Pf Vn22
BrahmsSonata No.1 for Cello & PianoeOp.38Pf Vc25
BrahmsSonata No.2 for Cello & PianoFOp.99Pf Vc29
BrahmsSonata for Clarinet & PianofOp.120 No.1Cl Pf24also for Va Pf
BrahmsSonata for Clarinet & PianoEbOp.120 No.2Cl Pf21also for Va Pf
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.1gWoOVn Pf3
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.2dWoOVn Pf3
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.3FWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.4bWoOVn Pf4
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.5gWoOVn Pf2.5
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.6DWoOVn Pf3
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.7AWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.8aWoOVn Pf2.5
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.9eWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.10FWoOVn Pf1.5
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.11aWoOVn Pf3
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.12dWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.13DWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.14dWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.15AWoOVn Pf2.5
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.16gWoOVn Pf3
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.17f#WoOVn Pf3
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.18DWoOVn Pf1.5
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.19aWoOVn Pf2
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.20dWoOVn Pf2.5
Brahms arr. JoachimHungarian Dance No.21eWoOVn Pf1.5
BridgeSonata for Cello & PianoVc Pf22
BrittenLachrymae   (Reflections on a song of Dowland)Op.48Va Pf12
BrittenCello SonataCOp.65Vc Pf20
BusoniKleine SuiteOp.23Pf Vc20
BusoniSerenata for Cello & PianoOp.34Pf Vc7
BusoniKultaselle: 10 variationsPf Vc10
ChaussonAndante et Allegro for Clarinet & PianoPf Cl9
ChopinIntroduction & Polonaise brillanteCOp.3Pf Vc9
ChopinSonata for Piano & CellogOp.65Pf Vc24
ChopinGrande Duo Concertante on themes from "Robert le Diable"EPf Vc13
ClarkeSonata for Viola & PianoeVa Pf23  (1919)
CuiSonata for Violin & PianodVn Pf15
DebussyPremiere rapsodie for Clarinet & PianoPf Cl7
DebussySonata for Violin & PianogPf Vn14
DebussySonata for Cello & PianoPf Vc12
DeliusSonata for Violin & PianoBOp. posth.Vn Pf261892 (pub. 1977)
DeliusViolin Sonata No.1EVn Pf211915
DeliusViolin Sonata No.2Vn Pf121923
DeliusViolin Sonata No.3Vn Pf181930
DeliusCello SonataVc Pf13
DutilleuxSonatineFl Pf10
DvorakSonata for Violin & PianoFOp.57Vn Pf22
DvorakSonatinagOp.100Pf Vn18
DvorakRomantic PiecesOp.75Pf Vn15
DvorakMazurkaOp.49Pf Vn6
DvorakNotturnoOp.40Pf Vn7
DvorakRomanceOp.11Pf Vn13
DvorakCapriccioPf Vn10
DvorakRondo for Cello & PianogOp.94Pf Vc8
ElgarSonata for Violin & PianoeOp.82Pf Vn25
EnescuViolin Sonata No.2Op.6Pf Vn22
EnescuViolin Sonata No.3aOp.25Pf Vn25
FaureSonata No.1 for Violin & PianoAOp.13Pf Vn25
FaureElegieOp.24Pf Vc6
FaurePapillonOp.77Pf Vc3
FaureSicilienneOp.78Pf Vc4
FaureSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoeOp.108Pf Vn23
FaureSonata No.1 for Cello & PianodOp.109Pf Vc19
FaureSonata No.2 for Cello & PianogOp.117Pf Vc18
FaureBerceuseOp.16Pf Vn3
FaureRomanceBbOp.28Pf Vn6
FaureAndanteBbOp.75Pf Vn4
FinziFive Bagetelles for Clarinet & PianoOp.23Cl Pf14
FranckSonata for Violin & PianoAPf Vn27also arr. for Vc & Pf and for Va & Pf
GadeSonata for Violin & PianodOp.21 No.2Pf Vn17
GlinkaSonata for Viola & PianodVa Pf16
GrechaninovCello SonataeOp.113Vc Pf19
GriegSonata No.1 for Violin & PianoFOp.8Pf Vn22
GriegSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoFOp.13Pf Vn20
GriegSonata No.3 for Violin & PianocOp.45Pf Vn23
GriegSonata for Cello & PianoaOp.36Pf Vc28
GriegIntermezzoaPf Vc4
HandelFlute SonataeHWV359bFl Cont6
HandelFlute SonataGHWV363bFl Cont7
HandelFlute SonatabHWV367bFl Cont14
HandelFlute SonataaHWV374Fl Cont6dubious authenticity
HandelFlute SonataeHWV375Fl Cont7dubious authenticity
HandelFlute SonatabHWV376Fl Cont7dubious authenticity
HandelFlute SonataDHWV378Fl Cont7dubious authenticity
HandelFlute SonataeHWV379Fl Cont11
HindemithViola Sonata FOp.11 No.4Va Pf17
HindemithFlue SonataFl Pf14
HindemithSonata for Horn & PianoFHn Pf17
HoffmeisterDuo ConcertanteGFl Va13
HowellsViolin Sonata No.3eOp.38Vn Pf25
HowellsSonata for Clarinet & PianoACl Pf21
HummelFlute SonataGOp.2 No.2Fl Pf17
HummelSonata for Violin & PianoEbOp.5 No.3Pf Vn20
HummelSonataDOp.50Pf Vn17also arranged for Fl & Pf
HummelFlute SonataAOp.64Fl Pf14
HummelNocturneFOp.99Pf Vn16
HummelSonata for Cello & PianoAOp.104Pf Vc24
IrelandFantasy Sonata for Clarinet & PianoEbPf Cl15
IrelandSonata No.1 for Violin & PianodPf Vn31
IrelandSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoaPf Vn30
IrelandSonata for Cello & PianogPf Vc21
Isserlis JBallade for Cello & PianoVc Pf9
JanacekSonata for Violin & PianoPf Vn18
JanacekPohadkaPf Vc12
KodalySonatina for Cello & PianoVc Pf7
KorngoldViolin SonataOp.6Vn Pf38
Korngold"Much Ado about Nothing" suiteVn Pf16
KreislerPraeludium and AllegroVn Pf5
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianoEbOp.64Pf Fl
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianoGOp.69Pf Fl
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianoeOp.71Pf Fl
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianoGOp.83 No.1Pf Fl25
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianoCOp.83 No.2Pf Fl21
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianogOp.83 No.3Pf Fl22
KuhlauSonata for Flute & PianoaOp.85Pf Fl
KurtagTre PezziOp.14ePf Vn6
LekeuSonata for Piano & ViolinGPf Vn33
LutoslawskiDance PreludesCl Pf9
MartinuDuo for Violin & CelloVn Vc14
MartinuThree Madrigals for Violin & ViolaVn Va16
MartinuSonata for Viola & PianoVa Pf16
MartinuSonatina for Clarinet & PianoCl Pf10
MartinuSonata for Flute & PianoH.306Fl Pf20
MartinuCello Sonata No.1H277Vc Pf19
MartinuCello Sonata No.2H286Vc Pf21
MartinuCello Sonata No.3H340Vc Pf20
MartinuSept arabesquesH201aVc Pf15
MartinuPastorales: Six PiecesVc Pf28
MartinuVariations on a Slovakian ThemeVc Pf11
MartinuVariations on a theme of RossiniVc Pf9
MartinuNocturnes: Four StudiesVc Pf17
MartinuSuite Miniatures: Seven Easy PiecesVc Pf12
MendelssohnSonata for Violin & PianoFWoOVn Pf151820
MendelssohnSonata for Violin & PianoFWoOVn Pf231838
MendelssohnSonata for Violin & PianofOp.4Vn Pf181825
MendelssohnSonata for Viola & PianocVa Pf25
MendelssohnSonata for Clarinet & PianoEbCl Pf19
MendelssohnSonata No.1 for Cello & PianoBbOp.45Vc Pf28
MendelssohnSonata No.2 for Cello & PianoDOp.58Vc Pf28
MessagerSolo de concours for Clarinet & PianoCl Pf5
MoeranCello SonataVc Pf22
MoschelesCello Sonata No.2EOp.121Vc Pf33
MozartFlute SonataBbK10Fl Cont10
MozartFlute SonataGK11Fl Cont10
MozartFlute SonataAK12Fl Cont7
MozartFlute SonataFK13Fl Cont13
MozartFlute SonataCK14Fl Cont11
MozartFlute SonataBbK15Fl Cont11
MozartDuo for Violin & ViolaGK423Vn Va16
MozartDuo for Violin & ViolaBbK424Vn Va24
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinCK296Pf Vn17
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinGK301Pf Vn14
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinEbK302Pf Vn12
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinCK303Pf Vn13
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolineK304Pf Vn12
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinAK305Pf Vn15
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinDK306Pf Vn23
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinFK376Pf Vn16
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinFK377Pf Vn20
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinBbK378Pf Vn21
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinGK379Pf Vn20
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinEbK380Pf Vn18
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinAK402Pf Vn12
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinCK403Pf Vn19
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinBbK454Pf Vn23
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinEbK481Pf Vn17
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinAK526Pf Vn21
MozartSonata for Piano & ViolinFK547Pf Vn23
MozartVariations on 'La bergere Celimene'GK359Pf Vn15
MyaskovskyCello Sonata No.1DOp.12Vc Pf23
MyaskovskyCello Sonata No.2aOp.81Vc Pf24
NielsenTwo Fantasy Pieces for Oboe & PianoOp.2Ob Pf6
NielsenViolin Sonata No.1AOp.9Vn Pf23
NielsenViolin Sonata No.2gOp.35Vn Pf21
PiazzollaLe Grand TangoVc Pf10
PletnevCello SonataVc Pf30
PonchielliCapriccio for Oboe & PianoOb Pf10
PoulencSonata for Violin & PianoVn Pf18
PoulencSonata for Cello & PianoVc Pf22
PoulencSonata for Oboe & PianoOb Pf14
PoulencSonata for Flute & PianoFl Pf12
PoulencSonata for Clarinet & BassoonCl Bsn9
PoulencSonata for Clarinet & PianoPf Cl13
PoulencElegie for Horn & PianoHn Pf8
Prokofiev5 Melodies for Violin & PianoOp.35Pf Vn12
ProkofievSonata for Violin & PianofOp.80Pf Vn27
ProkofievSonata for Flute & PianoDOp.94Fl Pf25
ProkofievSonata for Violin & PianoDOp.94bPf Vn23arrangement of Sonata for Fl & Pf
ProkofievSonata for Cello & PianoCOp.119Pf Vc24
ProkofievSonata for Two Violins2Vn15
RachmaninovDeux morceaux de salonPf Vn10
RachmaninovSonata for Cello & PianogOp.19Pf Vc34
RachmaninovPreludeFOp.2 No.1Pf Vc3
RachmaninovDanse OrientaleAOp.2 No.2Pf Vc6
RavelTziganeVn Pf10
RavelSonata for Violin & PianoPf Vn17
RavelSonata for Violin & CelloVn Vc21
RawsthorneSonata for Viola & PianoPf Va16
RawsthorneSonata for Cello & PianoPf Vc16
RegerSonata No.1 for Clarinet & PianoAbOp.49 No.1Cl Pf24
RegerSonata No.2 for Clarinet & Pianof#Op.49 No.2Cl Pf23
RegerSonata No.3 for Clarinet & PianoBbOp.107Cl Pf31
ReineckeSonata for Flute & Piano "Undine"EOp.167Fl Pf20 also arranged for Cl Pf (Op.167bis)
RespighiViolin SonatabOp.110Vn Pf28
RespighiAdagio con variazioniOp.133Pf Vc14
RousselSonata for Piano & ViolindOp.11Pf Vn32
RousselSonata for Piano & ViolinAOp.28Pf Vn14
Saint-SaensSonata No.1 for Violin & PianodOp.75Pf Vn22
Saint-SaensSonata No.2 for Violin & PianoEbOp.102Pf Vn23
Saint-SaensTriptyqueOp.136Pf Vn12
Saint-SaensBerceuseBbOp.38Pf Vn5
Saint-SaensElegieOp.143Pf Vn5
Saint-SaensElegieOp.160Pf Vn4
Saint-SaensSonata for Clarinet & PianoEbOp.167Pf Cl17
Saint-SaensSuite for Cello & PianodOp.16Pf Vc23
Saint-SaensSonata No.1 for Cello & PianocOp.32Pf Vc19
Saint-SaensSonata No.2 for Cello & PianofOp.123Pf Vc33
Saint-SaensSonata for Oboe & PianoDOp.166Ob Pf11
Saint-SaensSonata for Bassoon & PianoGOp.168Bsn Pf13
SchnittkeSonata No.1 for Violin & PianoVn Pf19
SchnittkeSuite in the Old StyleVn Pf16
SchubertSonata for Arpeggione & PianoaD821Pf Ar25arr. Pf+Va, Pf+Vc, Pf+Cl & others
SchubertSonatina for Violin & PianoDD384Vn Pf13
SchubertSonatina for Violin & PianoaD385Vn Pf21
SchubertSonatina for Violin & PianogD408Vn Pf17
SchubertSonata for Violin & PianoAD574Vn Pf20
SchubertRondo for Violin & PianobD895Vn Pf15"Rondeau brillant"
SchubertFantasy for Violin & PianoCD934Vn Pf25
SchumannThree Romances for Oboe & PianoOp.94Ob Pf14
SchumannSonata No.1 for Piano & ViolinaOp.105Pf Vn18
SchumannSonata No.2 for Piano & ViolindOp.121Pf Vn31
SchumannAdagio & Allegro for Piano & HornOp.70Pf Hn8
SchumannFantasiestuckeOp.73Cl Pf11also arr. for Vn & Pf and for Vc & Pf and for Va & Pf
SchumannMarchenbilderdOp.113Pf Va16
ShostakovichSonata for Cello & PianodOp.40Vc Pf28
ShostakovichSonata for Violin & PianoDOp.134Vn Pf32
ShostakovichSonata for Viola & PianoOp.147Va Pf34
ShostakovichEight Little Pieces for cello & pianoVc Pf14
StanfordSonata for Clarinet & PianoOp.129Pf Cl20
Strauss, FNocturnoFOp.7Hn Pf6
Strauss, RSonata for Cello & PianoFOp.6Vc Pf27
Strauss, RSonata for Violin & PianoEbOp.18Vn Pf30
StravinskyDivertimento for Violin & PianoVn Pf22after ballet "The Fairy's Kiss"
StravinskySuite ItalienneVn Pf16also for Vc Pf - after ballet "Pulcinella"
StravinskyDuo Concertant for Violin & PianoVn Pf17
SukFour PiecesOp.17Vn Pf17
SzymanowskiViolin SonatadOp.9Vn Pf24
SzymanowskiThree MythsOp.30Vn Pf24
TailleferreViolin SonatatinaVn Pf9
TailleferreViolin Sonata No.1Vn Pf19
TailleferreViolin Sonata No.2Vn Pf15
TaneyevViolin SonataaVn Pf21
TchaikovskySerenade melancoliqueOp.26Pf Vn9
TchaikovskyValse - ScherzoOp.34Pf Vn6
TchaikovskySouvenir d'un lieu cherOp.42Pf Vn18
TchaikovskyPezzo capricciosoOp.62Vc Pf6
TurinaEl poema de una SanluqueraOp.28Vn Pf20
Vaughan WilliamsViolin SonataaPf Vn27
WaltonSonata for Violin & PianoVn Pf25
WeberGrand Duo ConcertantEbOp.48Cl Pf23
Weber7 Variations on a Theme from SilvanaBbOp.33Cl Pf10
WieniawskiFantaisie brillante on themes from Gounod's FaustOp.20Vn Pf16
YsaÿePoème élégiaqueOp.12Vn Pf10
ZemlinskyCello SonataaVc Pf28
ComposerWorkKeyCatInst.Dur   Remarks