chamber music catalog

TRIOS (other than piano trios)
Archduke Rudolphsee Habsburg-Lothringen
ArnoldDivertimento for Wind TrioOp.37Fl Ob Cl9
ArnoldSuite BourgeoiseFl Ob/Cl Pf13
Bach JS - MozartPrelude & FuguedK404a No.1Vn Va Vc8
Bach JS - MozartPrelude & FuguegK404a No.2Vn Va Vc6
Bach JS - MozartPrelude & FugueFK404a No.3Vn Va Vc6
BartokContrastsSz111Cl Vn Pf17
BeethovenClarinet TrioBbOp.11Cl Vc Pf18an arrangement of the Pf Vn Vc trio Op.11
BeethovenClarinet TrioEbOp.38Cl Vc Pf40after Septet Op.20
BeethovenString Trio No.1EbOp.3Vn Va Vc38
BeethovenString Trio No.2GOp.9 No.1Vn Va Vc23
BeethovenString Trio No.3DOp.9 No.2Vn Va Vc22
BeethovenString Trio No.4cOp.9 No.3Vn Va Vc22
BeethovenSerenade for String TrioDOp.8Vn Va Vc28
BeethovenSerenade for Flute, Violin & ViolaDOp.25Fl Vn Va33
BeethovenWind TrioCOp.872Ob EngHn21also arr. for Ob Vn Vc
Berkeley, LString TrioOp.19Vn Va Vc17
BrahmsTrio for Piano Violin and HornEbOp.40Pf Vn Hn28
BrahmsClarinet TrioaOp.114Cl Vc Pf25
BrahmsViola TrioEbOp.40bisVa Vc Pf28Horn Trio with Va substitute for Hn
BruchEight piecesOp.83Cl Va/Vc Pf36
DebussySonata for Flute, Viola & HarpFl Va Hp15
DohnanyiSerenade for String TrioCOp.10Vn Va Vc20
DvorakTerzettoCOp.742Vn Va20
DvorakDrobnostiOp.75a2Vn Va15
FarrencClarinet TrioEbOp.44Cl Vc Pf26
FinziPrelude & Fugue for String TrioaOp.24Vn Va Vc8
FrühlingClarinet TrioaOp.40Cl Vc Pf27
GlinkaTrio PathetiquedCl Bsn Pf15
Habsburg-LothringenTrio for Piano, Clarinet & CelloEbPf Cl Vc22time of the three remaining complete movements
HaydnString TrioGOp.53 No.1Vn Va Vc12
HaydnString TrioBbOp.53 No.2Vn Va Vc9
HaydnString TrioDOp.53 No.3Vn Va Vc12
HindemithString Trio No.1Op.34Vn Va Vc21
HindemithString Trio No.2Vn Va Vc23
HolstTerzettoH158Fl Ob Cl10also arranged for Fl Ob Va
HummelString TrioGVn Va Vc19
d'IndyClarinet TrioOp.29Cl Vc Pf36
IrelandClarinet TrioDCl Vc Pf23edited & reconstructed by S. Fox
KodalySerenade for 2 Violins & ViolaFOp.122Vn Va20
LigetiTrio for Violin, Horn & PianoVn Hn Pf22
MartinuTrio for Flute, Cello (or Viola) & PianoFH300Fl Vc/Va Pf18
MartinuTrio for Flute, Violin & PianoFl Vn Pf16
MartinuMadrigal SonataFl Vn Pf10
MartinuString Trio No.2CH238Vn Va Vc15
MoeranString TrioGVn Va Vc22
MozartTrio for Piano Clarinet & ViolaEbK498Cl Va Pf21"Kegelstatt Trio"
MozartString Trio (Divertimento) EbK563Vn Va Vc38
Mozartstring trio movementGK.Anh.66Vn Va Vc7
PoulencTrio for Oboe, Bassoon & PianoOb Bsn Pf13
PoulencSonata for Horn, Trumpet & TromboneHn Tp Tb10
Ravel trans. SalzedoSonatine en TrioFl Va Hp11transcription of Ravel's "Sonatine"
RegerString Trio No.1aOp.77bVn Va Vc22
RegerString Trio No.2dOp.141bVn Va Vc19
RiesClarinet TrioOp.28Cl Pf Vc24
RousselTrio for Flute, Viola & CelloOp.40Fl Va Vc16
RousselString TrioOp.58Vn Va Vc14
SchnittkeString TrioVn Va Vc27
SchoenbergString TrioOp.45Vn Va Vc19
SchubertString TrioBbD581Vn Va Vc20
SchubertString Trio (incomplete)BbD471Vn Va Vc8
SchumannMarchenerzahlungenOp.132Cl Va Pf14
ShostakovichThree Duets2Vn Pf
SibeliusSuite for String TrioAVn Va Vc12
SibeliusString TriogVn Va Vc12
TaneyevString TrioEbOp.31Vn Va Vc25
TaneyevString TriobVn Va Vc14
TaneyevString TrioDVn Va Vc25
Villa-LobosString TrioVn Va Vc28
Weber, vonTrio for Flute (or Violin), Cello & PianogOp.63Fl/Vn Vc Pf20
YsayeString Trio "Le Chimay"Op.posth.Vn Va Vc19
ZemlinskyTrio for Clarinet, Cello & PianodOp.3Cl Vc Pf29