chamber music catalog

QUINTETS (other than string quintets)
ArnoldWind QuintetOp.2Cl Fl Ob Bsn Hn13
ArnoldThree Shanties for Wind QuintetOp.4Cl Fl Ob Bsn Hn7
BarberSummer MusicOp.31Cl Fl Ob Bsn Hn12
BartokPiano QuintetPf 2Vn Va Vc42completed 1904 but not published until 1970
BaxOboe QuintetGOb 2Vn Va Vc16
BaxPiano QuintetgPf 2Vn Va Vc46
BeachPiano Quintetf#Op.67Pf 2Vn Va Vc28
BeachTheme and VariationsOp.80Fl 2Vn Va Vc21
BeethovenQuintet for Piano & WindEbOp.16Pf Ob Cl Bsn Hn27
BerwaldPiano QuintetcOp.5Pf 2Vn Va Vc24
BerwaldPiano QuintetAOp.6Pf 2Vn Va Vc29
BlissClarinet QuintetCl 2Vn Va Vc29
BlissOboe QuintetOb 2Vn Va Vc22
BoccheriniFlute Quintet No.1DG419Fl 2Vn Va Vc11
BoccheriniFlute Quintet No.2CG420Fl 2Vn Va Vc11
BoccheriniFlute Quintet No.3dG421Fl 2Vn Va Vc8
BoccheriniFlute Quintet No.4BbG422Fl 2Vn Va Vc10
BoccheriniFlute Quintet No.5GG423Fl 2Vn Va Vc8
BoccheriniFlute Quintet No.6EbG424Fl 2Vn Va Vc7
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.1dG445G 2Vn Va Vc20
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.2EG446G 2Vn Va Vc14
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.3BbG447G 2Vn Va Vc22
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.4DG448G 2Vn Va Vc17
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.5DG449G 2Vn Va Vc23
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.6GG450G 2Vn Va Vc18
BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No.9CG453G 2Vn Va Vc284 of the original 12 Guitar Quintets have been lost
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.1eG407Pf 2Vn Va Vc28
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.2FG408Pf 2Vn Va Vc18
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.3CG409Pf 2Vn Va Vc24
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.4EbG410Pf 2Vn Va Vc17
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.5DG411Pf 2Vn Va Vc21
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.6aG412Pf 2Vn Va Vc22
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.7AG413Pf 2Vn Va Vc20
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.8BbG414Pf 2Vn Va Vc26
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.9EbG415Pf 2Vn Va Vc18
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.10dG416Pf 2Vn Va Vc21
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.11EG417Pf 2Vn Va Vc17
BoccheriniPiano Quintet No.12CG418Pf 2Vn Va Vc21
BorodinPiano QuintetcPf 2Vn Va Vc21
BrahmsPiano QuintetfOp.34Pf 2Vn Va Vc41
BrahmsClarinet QuintetbOp.115Cl 2Vn Va Vc35
BridgePiano QuintetH49aPf 2Vn Va Vc29
BruchPiano QuintetgPf 2Vn Va Vc27
Coleridge-TaylorPiano QuintetgOp.1Pf 2Vn Va Vc27
Coleridge-TaylorClarinet Quintetf#Op.10Cl 2Vn Va Vc30
DamaseDix-Sept VariationsOp.22Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn14
DanziQuintet No.1 for Piano & WinddOp.41Pf Ob Cl Bsn Hn23
DanziQuintet No.2 for Piano & WindFOp.53Pf Fl Cl Bsn Hn24
DanziQuintet No.3 for Piano & WindDOp.54Pf Fl Cl Bsn Hn21
DanziWind QuintetBbOp.56 No.1Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn16
DanziWind QuintetgOp.56 No.2Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn16
DanziWind QuintetFOp.56 No.3Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn22
DanziWind QuintetGOp.67 No.1Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn15
DanziWind QuinteteOp.67 No.2Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn16
DanziWind QuintetEbOp.67 No.3Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn16
DanziWind QuintetaOp.68 No.1Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn17
DanziWind QuintetFOp.68 No.2Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn23
DanziWind QuintetdOp.68 No.3Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn17
DohnanyiPiano Quintet No.1cOp.1Pf 2Vn Va Vc29
DohnanyiPiano Quintet No.2ebOp.26Pf 2Vn Va Vc25
DvorakPiano QuintetAOp.5Pf 2Vn Va Vc39
DvorakPiano QuintetAOp.81Pf 2Vn Va Vc39
ElgarPiano QuintetaOp.84Pf 2Vn Va Vc35
EnescuPiano QuintetOp.29Pf 2Vn Va Vc37
FarrencPiano Quintet No.1aOp.30Pf Vn Va Vc Db29
FarrencPiano Quintet No.2EOp.31Pf Vn Va Vc Db28
FaurePiano Quintet No.1dOp.89Pf 2Vn Va Vc30
FaurePiano Quintet No.2cOp.115Pf 2Vn Va Vc32
FieldQuintettoAbH.34Pf 2Vn Va Vc10Single movement. The first work to use Pf + (2Vn Va Vc)
FrancaixWind Quintet No.1Fl Ob Cl Bsn Hn22
FranckPiano QuintetfPf 2Vn Va Vc39
GoehrQuintet for Clarinet & StringsOp.79Cl 2Vn Va Vc18
GranadosPiano QuintetgPf 2Vn Va Vc16
HolstWind QuintetAbOp.14Fl Ob Cl Bsn Hn16
HummelPiano QuintetEbOp.87Pf Vn Va Vc Db22
IbertTrois Pieces BrevesFl Ob Cl Bsn Hn7
KlughardtWind QuintetCOp.79Fl Ob Cl Bsn Hn24
KorngoldPiano QuintetEOp.15Pf 2Vn Va Vc30
KrommerOboe Quintet No.1COb 2Vn Va Vc27
KrommerOboe Quintet No.2EbOb 2Vn Va Vc24
LigetiSix BagatellesFl Ob Cl Bsn Hn13
MartinuPiano Quintet No.1H.229Pf 2Vn Va Vc18
MartinuPiano Quintet No.2H.298Pf 2Vn Va Vc29
MedtnerPiano QuintetCOp.posthPf 2Vn Va Vc25
MozartHorn QuintetEbK407Hn Vn 2Va Vc18
MozartOboe QuintetcK406bOb 2Vn Va Vc22
MozartQuintet for Piano & WindEbK452Pf Cl Ob Bsn Hn24
MozartClarinet QuintetAK581Cl 2Vn Va Vc30
NielsenWind QuintetEOp.43Cl Fl Ob Bsn Hn24
NovakPiano QuintetaOp.12Pf 2Vn Va Vc27
ProkofievQuintetgOp.39Ob Cl Vn Va Db22
RawsthorneQuintet for Piano & StringsPf 2Vn Va Vc15
RegerPiano QuintetcOp.64Pf 2Vn Va Vc36
RegerClarinet QuintetAOp.146Cl 2Vn Va Vc36
ReichaWind QuintetEbOp.88 No.2Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn33
ReichaWind QuintetdOp.88 No.4Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn35
ReichaWind QuintetBbOp.88 No.5Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn34
ReichaWind QuintetCOp.91 No.1Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn28
ReichaWind QuintetcOp.91 No.6Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn37
ReichaWind QuintetGOp.99 No.6Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn38
ReichaWind QuintetaOp.100 No.5Fl Ob Cl Hn Bsn36
ReichaOboe QuintetFOp.107Ob 2Vn Va Vc22
Rimsky-KorsakovQuintet in B flatBbPf Fl Cl Hn Bsn27
Saint-SaensPiano QuintetAOp.14Pf 2Vn Va Vc30
SchubertPiano QuintetAD667Pf Vn Va Vc Db40"Trout Quintet"
SchumannPiano QuintetEbOp.44Pf 2Vn Va Vc28
SchoenbergWind QuintetOp.26Fl Ob Cl Bsn Hn40
ShostakovichPiano QuintetgOp.57Pf 2Vn Va Vc29
SchnittkePiano QuintetPf 2Vn Va Vc24
SibeliusPiano QuintetgPf 2Vn Va Vc36
SpohrPiano QuintetDOp.130Pf 2Vn Va Vc33
StanfordFantasy No.1gCl 2Vn Va Vc12
StanfordFantasy No.2FCl 2Vn Va Vc15
StanfordFantasy for Horn QuintetaHn 2Vn Va Vc12
SukPiano QuintetgOp.8Pf 2Vn Va Vc31
TaneyevPiano QuintetgOp.30Pf 2Vn Va Vc48
TurinaQuintet for Piano & StringsgOp.1Pf 2Vn Va Vc30
Vaughan WilliamsPiano QuintetcPf Vn Va Vc Db31
Vaughan WilliamsQuintet in D MajorDCl Hn Vn Vc Pf25
Villa LobosQuinteto em forma de ChorosFl Ob Cl Hn Bsn10
WeberClarinet QuintetBbOp.34Cl 2Vn Va Vc25
ZarebskiPiano QuintetgPf 2Vn Va Vc36