Chamber Music Catalogue
chamber music catalog

An online catalogue giving instrumentation and approximate performance
durations, and intended mainly for the benefit of concert promoters.

    Major keys are indicated in upper case. Minor keys are indicated in lower case.
    "b" after the key letter indicates "flat". # after the key letter indicates "sharp".

    Vn = Violin, Va = Viola, Vc = Cello, Db = Double Bass, Pf = Piano, G = Guitar
    Cl = Clarinet, Fl = Flute, Ob = Oboe, Bsn = Bassoon, EngHn = Cor Anglais
    Hp = Harp, Hn = Horn, Tp = Trumpet, Tb = Trombone, Tu = Tuba
    Cont = basso continuo, Clav = keyboard
    Sax = Saxophone (S=soprano A=alto T=Tenor B=baritone)

    The durations of works can vary by 10 percent or more, depending on interpretation and observance of repeats, but more typically, variations are of the order of 2 or 3 percent.   Durations, where shown, are mainly taken from recordings.   Due allowance should be made for the intervals between movements in live performances.

    Promoters of solo piano recitals may find   Pianopedia   helpful.

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